There are times in life, and I am sure you have experienced them, when the winds shift and we sense change on the horizon. The heady blend of anticipation, excitement and fear becomes a potent cocktail as the winds blow stronger, carrying with them the unexpected. What follows on the crest of the next gust may not be anything we had hoped for. It may be more than anything we could have imagined, positive or negative in our limited perspective. Regardless of what materializes, our response always is within our power; it is entirely our choice.

Having experienced many winds of change since boldly stepping onto my path with the opening of Main Street Yoga in Speedway in 2013, I recently became curious about how I respond to the gathering of energy on the horizon. I set out to better understand how I process the inevitable because if there is one thing we all know, life is always changing.

Through meditation and objective observation, both of which I developed from my yoga practice, I learned that I sense change on my skin first. It is a prickly feeling on this outer-most surface of my being, a heightened sensitivity that is as instinctual as an animal sensing a gathering storm.

Not long after my first whiff of change, the feeling manifests in my gut where literally, I begin to digest it. I noticed that during this time, I keep to myself while I privately decipher my feelings, analyze the potential impact on my life, and orchestrate a plan. Despite being a chronic list-maker, I usually do not commit my action plan to paper. Instead, I keep it front and center in my mind where I can easily access it.

My experience from establishing Main Street Yoga taught me that many heads are better than one. Therefore, after my period of digestion and gestation, I move headlong into rallying my troops. I first turn to my life partner, Zeke, and to my parents and Mastermind group. My Mastermind group is made up of extraordinary women who creatively guide one another toward professional and personal fulfillment while walking beside one another on our spiritual paths. From this nucleus I extend my reach farther out to friends, colleagues past and present, and to any number of consultants and advisors. These people become my winning team.

As the March winds rattle my windows and howl around my office, once again I sense the winds of change. I am past the phase of digesting and planning. My winning team is already working on my behalf. There is an intoxicating blend of excitement and anticipation in the air. With each breath in, and each breath out, I proceed with faith and comfort in knowing that everything in life works out exactly as it should. Always.

Peace Through Yoga