Have you ever had one of those pinch-yourself, I-can’t-believe-this-is-real, moments? I experience them frequently as the owner, creative director, visionary, floor sweeper, bookkeeper and team cheerleader of Peace through Yoga. The moment I had today, however, surpassed all others.

As I flowed through poses with fellow students in class, a seedling of pleasure burst into an awareness that we were all practicing yoga together at precisely this moment, in this very place and time, simply because Peace through Yoga exists. Time seemed to pause, like the breath at the top of an inhale, and then the release, the sense of pure joy – bliss, really – radiated from my physical body to embrace the others in the room. It spread beyond the four walls of the studio, and though I lost track of how far it continued to expand, I knew my joy touched everything as it spread…and that everything touched it in return. Connection.

As teachers, we give the best of ourselves to our students to inspire their growth. On the surface, this may appear to be a one-way street. A future teacher currently in training asked me how teachers can continually show up with their A-game despite the stressors of real life. It’s a good question, one that I am sure all teachers have asked themselves at some time, and one that can only be answered from the seat of a teacher.

Connection. The answer is connection. Our students – you – replenish our reservoirs. Your movements, serenity and grace fill our wells of humanity to the brim. In the sanctity of the yoga studio, the practice we share flows in both directions.

We touch you and you touch us in return.
Peace Through Yoga