Whenever I address an audience, my hands feel disproportionally large and awkward. What am I supposed to do with these appendages? Yes, they can be expressive, compelling even, but they also can be clumsy and a distraction.  

Hands are an important element of our self-expression. For decades we have watched TV commercials featuring close-ups of unblemished hands luxuriously applying hand cream. Today, nail salons pepper our landscape as people of all stripes flock to have their hands and nails pampered. 

This attention to our hands stretches back to ancient India several millennia ago. Stone carvings of sages and deities in meditation display mystical hand positions called mudras. I am fascinated by these elegant gestures and enjoy studying their meaning and properties. You can learn more about these hand gestures in my regularly published article featuring a mudra in each issue of the new Indiana & Yoga Magazine. 

Read my first article in the inaugural Indiana & Yoga Magazine on page 66: https://www.joomag.com/magazine/indiana-yoga-magazine/M0624374001457531302 and look for a second article in the upcoming December issue. Peace through Yoga’s three studios are official distributors of this beautiful, glossy magazine. The magazine is free and extremely popular. Be sure to take a copy as soon as they arrive at our studios. 

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