This is the time of year when the sun illuminates the magnificence of the landscape around us. Even the tiniest details seem to dance in the summer sun’s brilliance. At the same time, this brilliant light can penetrate our veils to expose our inner shadowy self, leaving the darkness to stand in stark contrast to the outer world.

We all have a dark side, a part of ourselves we don’t want anyone else to see. The pain of living with this dark side is that we think we are alone in having it. When the insidious dark side creeps into our light, it manifests as anger, irritability, withdrawal, anxiety, illness and, perhaps worst of all, shame. Our dark side robs of us of the joy of living. In our sense of isolation we lose compassion not only for others, but for ourselves.

In the brief audio clip below, research professor and author Dr. Brené Brown relays 3 stories [fabrications] we tell ourselves. I found these to be game-changers. Whether based on past experiences or made up, these stories undermine the life we have the right to live inherently, authentically and fully.

I hope this powerful excerpt shines a light on your darkness. I hope Brené’s words help you recognize you are not alone. You are of value. You are lovable.

May I be peaceful.  

May I be happy.  

May I be well.  

May I be safe.  

May I be free from suffering.

May all beings be peaceful.  

May all beings be happy.  

May all beings be well.  

May all beings be safe.  

May all beings be free from suffering

Rising Strong

This 7-minute audio clip is free, however you must provide an email address to access the recording. I hope this will not deter you. The free clip appears just below the title, “Rising Strong as a Spiritual Practice.”

Peace Through Yoga