Peace through Yoga Danville warmly welcomes the students and teachers from the Hendricks Regional Health Yoga program. With the recent announcement of the hospital’s cessation of its popular yoga program effective August 9, 2019, Senior Instructor and coordinator of the program, Lori Coffey, immediately sought a new home for her students.

Lori’s dedication to her students supersedes her own self-interests. The very day of the announcement, she reached out to Peace through Yoga Danville founder, Mindi Epstein, to ensure that her long-time students would be able to continue their yoga practice without interruption.

The physical, emotional and mental health benefits of yoga are well-documented in professional medical journals. Once a student begins a regular practice of yoga’s stress-relieving and nourishing breathing techniques, mindful movements and body awareness, the effects, as reported by yoga students, can be life changing. After years of guiding her students and witnessing the profound benefits yoga has brought them, Lori’s first concern was to secure an appropriate place for their practice.

Peace through Yoga Danville is an ideal location. Mindi Epstein says, “We understand the sense of loss Lori and her students are feeling. Yoga students and teachers develop a strong bond and a regular yoga practice becomes a vital part of students‘ lives. We are so grateful that we can welcome Lori and the Hendricks Regional Health yoga community to our studio’s community of students and teachers.”

Mindi said she and Lori met for hours to ensure a smooth transition. “The schedule of classes from Hendricks Regional Health fit perfectly into our established schedule – just like two pieces of a puzzle coming together.”

Lori remarks, “The transition has already been seamless. The Peace through Yoga community has embraced our students and I look forward to sharing my love of yoga with them. We all are very excited about this collaboration and fresh start for our community.”

Peace through Yoga Danville is located just south of the historic courthouse at 134 S. Washington Street. Students will find plenty of street parking and a public lot just south of the Hendricks County Museum.

schedule of classes (effective august 12, 2019)

9-10:15 am – The Morning Blend with Claire Stewart
5-6:15 pm – Stress Relief: Release and Recover with Lori Coffey [appropriate for all levels]
7-8 pm – Candlelight Flow with Haylie Spencer [appropriate for all levels]

4:30-5:45 pm – Slow Intentional Flow with Lori Coffey [appropriate for all levels]
6-7 pm – Sculpt Yoga with Lisa Coahran
7:15-8:15 pm – Candlelight Flow with Lori Coffey [appropriate for all levels]

9-10:15 am – The Morning Blend with Claire Stewart
4:30-5:30 pm – Chair Yoga with Abbey Johnson [appropriate for limited mobility and physical recovery]
6:30-7:45 pm – Vinyasa for All Levels with Abbey Johnson
8-9 pm – Gentle/Restorative Yoga with Abbey Johnson [appropriate for all levels]

5-6:15 pm – Warm Vinyasa Level I with Lori Coffey [appropriate for all levels]
6:30-7:45 pm – Beginning Yoga for All Bodies with Haylie Spencer

11 am-Noon – Freedom Flow with Lori Coffey
5-6:15 pm – Healthy Spine with Lori Coffey [appropriate for all levels]
6:30-8 pm – Yin Yoga with Claire Stewart

9-10:15 am – Vinyasa Level I/II with Claire Stewart
Afternoon: Special Workshops as Scheduled

11 am-Noon – Vinyasa Level I with Barbara Smith [appropriate for all levels]
Afternoon: Yoga Teacher Training as Scheduled
6:30-8 pm – Yin Yoga with Claire Stewart

Peace Through Yoga