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kim rodgers-weeks

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RYT 200

Kim found her way to yoga originally to relieve back pain. As much as yoga helped her feel better than she had in years, she discovered so much more in her practice. The previous year, Kim had lost her husband of 30 years, the late Tim Weeks, DDS. Yoga helped her heal her grieving heart. Inspired by the healing and personal growth she experienced through yoga, Kim dedicated herself to Peace through Yoga’s teacher training program so she can meet others where they are in their journey. She is especially sensitive to those who have experienced loss, not just of a spouse or partner, but a loss in all senses of the word. Whether she is teaching a Vinyasa or a Gentle/Restorative class, Kim‘s hallmark is to include heartfelt meditations. She maintains, “It’s not too late and you are not too old to discover yoga.”

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