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jill smith



Like mother, like daughter! Jill found her way to yoga when her mom, a dedicated Peace through Yoga student, suggested they attend a class together. Sometimes that is all that it takes to experience a life-changing event. After being on pain medication for years for a fractured tailbone and ensuing back pain, Jill began to experience relief as she developed a regular yoga practice of her own. Jill says, “The more I went to yoga, the better I began to feel.” Then one day she noticed the pain was gone. Completely gone. Even better, she realized she felt a pervasive sense of peace in her mind and throughout her body.

Jill‘s experience inspires her teaching. She brings ease and comfort to newer yogis by ensuring everyone feels safe in the yoga studio and in their own bodies. Her greatest joy as a teacher is in providing an opportunity for her students to develop a transformative practice to find the strength and calmness she discovered on the mat.

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