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claire stewart



Claire credits her yoga practice to the days when she was overweight and had tight hips, poor posture, mild arthritis and a short temper. She realizes now that she was the perfect candidate for yoga when she attended her first class at Peace through Yoga in 2011. Through devoted practice of the Asanas (poses), as well as Pranayama (breath manipulation), Claire has found ease in her body, peace in her mind and joy in her meditation practice.

In addition to her 200 RYT certification, Claire holds an 80-hour Yin Yoga certificate and has studied Kriya Yoga under the guidance of her guru, Jim Whiteford.

Claire brings a sense of fun and possibility to her yoga classes, with a strong emphasis on self-acceptance and unconditional love. She often works with tuning forks, crystals and other vibrational tools. Her practice is physical, but she balances this Yang aspect with Yin poses and longer holds. She believes the practice of yoga allows practitioners to move about comfortably through time and space in their body and their mind. A veteran of the Navy, Claire understands the challenges of a mindful, compassionate practice and finds passion in bringing it to others.

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