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august 2020-february 2021

Embrace the history and teachings of yoga as you build a solid foundation for your future teaching and ever-advancing practice. Peace through Yoga’s practical approach to traditional teacher training inspires future teachers to share yoga with others within and beyond the studio environment.

Director Mindi Epstein and our team of expert instructors will lead you into a deeper understanding of the science of yoga. Our Yoga Teacher Training program establishes the context for our yoga practice today. It leads our students to a deeper expression of their asana practice and it inspires them to integrate the tenets of yoga into daily life. This is what we call “real life yoga.” This realistic approach to an ancient practice is what defines Peace through Yoga. We invite you to join us for our 26th semester.

Yoga Alliance registered – 200 hours.
Sundays, 12:45-5:30 pm in Speedway
7 Weekend intensives
Saturday, 10:30 am-5:30 pm | Sunday, 11 am-5:30 pm in Speedway

Our 200-Hour teacher training program is divided into 4 modules of weekly classes. Each class begins with an opening ritual and an asana practice relevant to the day’s studies. Lecture, discussion and experiential learning form the heart of the class, followed by an asana intensive focusing on a group of poses. This portion of the class includes Sanskrit terminology and a thorough examination of each pose. Students will learn and practice alignment techniques, safe entry into and out of the poses, verbal cues, manual adjustments, use of props and energetic awareness. The end of class is marked by a closing ritual honoring the students and teachers.

  • Root Module: Laying the Foundation
    Origins and history of yoga. Introduction to the sacred texts of yoga. Yoga philosophy with concentration on the 8 Limbs of Yoga. Functional anatomy and alignment for a sustainable yoga practice. Introduction to sequencing.
  • Identity Module: The Physical and Subtle Bodies
    Physical Body: Biomechanics and physiology. Subtle Body: Energy and the layers of personality. The effects of breath on the physical and subtle bodies. The building blocks of a yoga class.
  • Compassion Module: The Authentic Self
    Effective teaching through cueing, modifying and adjusting postures. Creative teaching through theming and sequencing. Deeper exploration of the subtle body: the Chakra system. Turning within: Meditation.
  • Wisdom Module: Integration of Body Mind and Spirit
    Identifying and offering modifications for physical limitations, trauma and emotional dis-ease. The ethics of being a teacher. Yoga as service. Yoga as a profession.

Out-of-Class Hours
25 hours of participation and evaluation of yoga classes taught by Registered Yoga Teachers (RYT) are required. Your enrollment includes 25 hours of free classes at all of our studios. Additionally, you may take classes at other studios to fulfill this requirement. Please inquire regarding additional graduation requirements.

Weekly Preparation: 2–4 hours (includes reading and assignments)

mindi epstein, director of yoga teacher training, owner

Trainer Mindi Epsteincertifications:

get in touch:
[email protected]

In September 2013, Mindi founded Main Street Yoga in Speedway, IN to serve a growing town with expanding interests that lacked a yoga studio. The Speedway community quickly embraced Main Street Yoga as their own. In less than 2 years she opened a second studio in Danville, right on the main square of this quaint, historic town. Peace through Yoga expanded to a third location in October 2017. Today, three warm and welcoming studios bring serenity to the heart of Speedway, Danville and Franklin Indiana.

An avid cyclist and runner, Mindi came to yoga as a way to move her body in any direction other than forward. She sought a workout in yoga to complement her other activities, but found instead an ages-old practice that balances her body and mind, opens her heart and brings a deep and lasting tranquility.

After a long career as a Senior Vice President of marketing and communications for a large not-for-profit organization, Mindi found that motivating people through classes, personal yoga instruction and yoga teacher training was more meaningful than directing mass marketing campaigns.

Mindi inspires her students to find beauty in their bodies and deeper meaning in their lives through individual expression of yoga poses. She brings sensitivity and attention to alignment in her classes so her students may deepen their awareness and experience the fullness of life both on and off the mat. Her concept of “real life yoga” makes Peace through Yoga’s neighborhood studios warm and inviting without pretense or judgment. As the Director of Peace through Yoga’s Yoga Teacher Training Program, Mindi has expanded this concept of living your yoga to the training of future teachers and dedicated yoga practitioners in a thorough and inspirational training program that exceeds Yoga Alliance’s requirements for the 200-hour certification.


charlie lucas, lead teacher

teacher training | 200 hr 2certifications:

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[email protected]

A much loved teacher, Charlie weaves affirming themes throughout his well-crafted sequences with uplifting quotes and thoughts. He is a perennial student of all aspects of yoga, the mechanics of the human body and spiritual teachings. Charlie’s specialties include precise cueing and highly attuned manual adjustments, hand balances and inversions.

Charlie originally came to yoga as a means to strengthen his ailing back. It wasn’t long before he recognized in addition to the physical practice, there was a much greater benefit to yoga: the centering of mind, body and spirit with breath. Charlie lives his yoga. His passion, experience and expertise shine in all aspects of his teaching.



evelyn byerly, lead teacher

teacher training | 200 hr 3certifications:

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[email protected]

Evelyn is a sensitive, versatile teacher who specializes in yoga for seniors, beginners and students with physical limitations. A graduate of Peace through Yoga’s teacher training and a certified experienced teacher, Evelyn’s comprehensive knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics is a distinguishing aspect of her teaching.

As Peace through Yoga’s Director of Chair Yoga, Evelyn trains yogis and professionals in yoga techniques adapted for the chair that can be shared among a broad community. As the director of our Yoga Wellness Corporate Outreach program, Evelyn works with a staff of teachers to deliver yoga onsite to corporate employees, senior care residents, school administrators and teachers, and hospital patients.



contributing specialists




kay ecken schuetter: E-RYT 200, LICENSED PHYSICAL THERAPIST

claire stewart: RYT 200, REIKI MASTER


  • Teaching Yoga Essential Foundations & Techniques, Mark Stephens
  • The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Swami Satchidananda or other version
  • Science of Yoga, Ann Swanson
  • Light on Life, B.K.S. Iyengar
  • The Language of Yoga, Nicolai Bachman

Tuition includes 6 workshops, 25 yoga classes, discounts on studio programs, our Teacher Training binder, Peace through Yoga t-shirt and other relevant “surprises.”

Investment: $3,200

Save $100 by registering and making a $200 deposit by June 30, 2020.
Save $100 by paying in full with check or cash.
Payment plans available upon request – 6 monthly payments of $500 (cash or check). Accelerated plans available too – please contact studio.

Reservations: $200 non-refundable deposit (applies to tuition)

Books and Materials: Approximately $100. Please purchase at least one week before start date. You will receive homework in advance to prepare for our first class.

application process

All prospective students must complete a written application. Please download the application and return it with your deposit to the address on the application.

Our Teacher Training program will lay the foundation for a meaningful lifelong practice. Your studies will challenge you to ask questions of yourself and apply the tenets of yoga philosophy. We look forward to joining you on your path of self-discovery.

download the application

what our yogis say

“Teacher training was one of the best experiences in my life. I felt comfortable because I was free to be me. The training showed me that yoga goes beyond the mat and the meditations, it’s about how we go through life. I enjoyed learning from different teachers from various backgrounds. Their enthusiasm about yoga and what they offered inspired me. I soaked in all the information they provided, especially the value of manual adjustments and different ways to approach them during class, how to adapt my teaching to different needs of my students and so much more. The teachers brought to my attention things I never thought of before.

Training has had such a positive impact in my life. I will never forget those I met and the connections I made with them. It’s a beautiful, insightful experience that I will take with me forever. The biggest lesson I learned was to accept myself for who I am and how to love my perfect imperfections because that’s what makes me, me.”

Keilah S.

“I had considered becoming a yoga teacher but kept putting it off for a later time. When I finally started the teacher training program I gained so much more than I expected. It was intense and forced me out of my comfort zone and into a place of personal growth. Along with the history, I learned about the mental, physical and spiritual connection to yoga. My practice improved, I made lasting friendships and I began teaching immediately after graduation. Whether your goal is to teach or to simply deepen your own practice, the benefits of individual personal growth you will experience in the program are well worth the time and effort!”

Kim C.

“Thank you for your guidance throughout the program. You really helped me become a better person than I was before.”

Susan R.

“Joining the 200-hour Real Life Yoga Immersion program has been one of the best decisions I’ve made! Thank you for encouraging me to take this amazing journey…I learned so much. I met some fantastic people. I truly added years to my life through this 7-month journey.

Sara N.

“I always say Yoga Teacher Training with Peace through Yoga changed my life. While I am not a super-bendy body or even a yoga teacher, this training has done more than allow me to teach if I choose that path at some point.

I learned how to connect with my body, how to have a relationship and appreciate it. I came out of teacher training with the tools to calm my mind (meditating is a true life changer), and to feel powerful and in control of my overall self. Now when I practice in a class and at home, I am able to release that competitive nature of mine of whether I look silly or if someone is more flexible than me.

Yoga is an on going practice, but now after training, I feel so much more confident in myself and my ability to slow down, listen to my mind, ease a lot of my anxiety and breathe. I made lifelong friend in my class who I love dearly. Yoga Teacher Training is not only for teachers. It is for anyone wanting to invest in themselves, to make a change, and truly grow.”

Julie V.

“I had a wonderful experience, learned so much and was completely reaffirmed that calling you a year ago to discuss the teacher training program was the best thing I ever did!”

Janine C.

“I enrolled in teacher training to deepen my knowledge of yoga and I knew that Mindi would put together a top-notch program. I wanted to experience the yoga teacher training under her guidance and it far exceeded expectations! All of the teachers were encouraging, definitely knowledgeable and came from varied backgrounds, ready to share their experiences and expertise. My favorite part of the teacher training was the workshops. They were fun and offered a nice break from the regular classes. I learned so much during the training and at the same time learned that there is so much to learn.

Evelyn B.

“Thank you for a well composed program, awesome teachers, a beautiful and welcoming atmosphere, and your constant support and unconditional love you give us all.

Maram E.

“Thank you so much Mindi, you are an amazing teacher. I’m so grateful for you!!! You have always lifted me up and shown me I can do anything I set my mind to! Mindi is an amazing yogi, woman, teacher, business owner and friend.

Natalie D.

“Thank you so much MIndi, you are an amazing teacher. I’m so grateful for you!!! You have always lifted me up and shown me I can do anything I set my mind to! Mindi is an amazing yogi, woman, teacher, business owner and friend.

Natalie D.

“I know you are aware of the following, but I still want to say that your yoga teacher training teachers are AMAZING. I am having such a rich experience in ways I did not expect. Thanks so much.

Susan W.

“I walked into yesterday’s training so nervous with not knowing what to expect. That quickly went away once everyone began talking, sharing and teaching! Then I became very excited to learn from all the teachers and my other classmates!”

Abbie J.

“Your teaching is truly a gift and I hope one day I will be able to channel the same energy and follow in your footsteps.”

Kaitlin M.

“Thank you again and again and again for being the one to bring yoga to me!”

Kathryn W.

“I’m glad I said yes to YTT!

Kim C.

“I can already feel the transformation and we’re only on Week 4.

Maram E.

“I greatly appreciate you and your encouragement. This is a step in life I am not sure I would have had the courage to take alone. Thank you!”

Lana F.

 “I’ve grown so much as a human energy field over the last 4.5 months and it’s thanks to your studio’s high-quality teacher training program, instructors and the yoga community. The ripple/wave of change within me is far-reaching, too, as I have impacted family, friends, my students and the people I meet.”

LouAnna E.

“This has been amazing!

Beth I.

“…best money I ever spent on myself.

Sara N.

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